Presence of the Trend – Fashion Involved in Sunglasses

With the promotion of people’s living standards, sunglasses have become more than just some kind of vision health product used in regions with intense sunlight. They have been deeply involved in the trend of fashion for all these years. Sunglasses are not only for the eye protection, but also add certain kind of mysterious and … Continue reading “Presence of the Trend – Fashion Involved in Sunglasses”

With the promotion of people’s living standards, sunglasses have become more than just some kind of vision health product used in regions with intense sunlight. They have been deeply involved in the trend of fashion for all these years.

Sunglasses are not only for the eye protection, but also add certain kind of mysterious and noble air to the wearer. That’s one reason why sunglasses are always among stars’ favorite accessories as you can see in publicity posts as well as paparazzi’s camera. Sunglasses have fantastic effect on the improvement of personal appearance. Different sunglasses match different clothes, bags and hairstyles, create marvelous change and provide different airs.

Young people, especially girls, are quite into sunglasses, since they can perfectly cover some imperfections of face shape and replace with fashion sense. Sunglasses are larger than common glasses in size, which means they cover more. This keeps a certain distance from others. Fashion involves a sense of being different and superior. In some way, proper distance makes fashion. Sunglasses perform well in this aspect.

There are several types of sunglasses frames for choice: round, oval, oblong, D-frame, etc. Common frames like round and oblong are always classic fashion that never fades. While new type like D-frame contains up-to-date element young people today are unceasingly chasing for. That is individual fashion.

Each part of sunglasses is a place where surprise occurs. Many brand sunglasses manufacturers put more and more delicate elements into the detail design of sunglasses. There are inlaying diamonds, carving patterns, hollows, laser markings and other fashionable decorative crafts utilized in the design and production of the legs. Detail reflects quality. This is the simple but significant point which famous firms never neglect.

Hip Hop Watches – The Art of Choosing a Fashionable Watch

Choosing a fashionable watch is not a piece of cake. It is in fact an uphill task and you need to learn this art in order to look more attractive and decent in looks. The brand and the style of your watch will speak about you and your status, and it will tell the ladies many things about you, thus it is important to understand how to select your watch and how to wear it in the right way. Whether you are wearing the most expensive and stylish brand, or you are wearing a replica and fake watch, what matters most is the way you wear it. Therefore, be very careful in choosing a fashionable watch and in understanding how would you have to wear it to look the best.

In the modern world of today, there are more than a million ways to tell time but the only way that makes you look like a true gentleman is a decent wristwatch. Many men today believe that they do not need any wristwatches as they have their cell phones to know about time. These men forget that in order to make your personality shine and to stand out from the rest, it is important to follow some of the evergreen fashion trends and one such evergreen trend for men is that of wearing fashionable wristwatches.

When you wear a watch, you let others assume that you are a practical and a professional man. Watches can be worn in two different styles; either with the face on the palm side of the wrist or with the face on the front side of the wrist. Wearing it in the former style, makes you appear to be a man of action while wearing it in the latter style, makes you look like a highly casual yet sophisticated man.

Hip hop watches are quite in trend these days. These watches have been inspired by the famous hip hop culture which took place in the early 80’s. These watches are designed to be loud and attractive. You can find a large variety of these watches for men as well as for women

How to Choose Spring Fashion Trends For Plus Size Women

Spring has arrived with all of the wonderful things that go along with it. Right after good weather we start to think about all of the new Spring fashions. Just because you are a plus size woman it does not mean that you can not take part in the parade of Spring fashions. In this article we will give you an overview of the hottest trends for Spring.

First, the one shoulder garment is the biggest rage. This look was made even more popular when Michele Obama wore a one shoulder dress to the inauguration balls. Just because you are full figure you can still wear this look, It works in dresses, blouses and swimwear. You may want to choose a modified variation of this style.

Secondly, sheer opaque fabrics are seen all over the run ways. This does not mean tight and see through, but sheer and flowing in an elegant way. This type of garment can cover up a lot of body flaws that you rather not show, while you still look lovely and feminine.

Fringe, is hot but choose carefully, you do not want to look like you are wearing a costume for the July 4th Rodeo. One location on any garment is enough You may want to choose the hem, or the sleeve or on the front. But always choose soft flowing fringe that does not clump or stick out.

Fourth, garments with cutouts, these can either be a fashion nightmare if placed in the wrong location, or a wonderful fashion statement if strategically placed.

Fifth, the crown jewels, if you watched any of the award shows you would have seen how many of the gowns had large areas covered with chunky jewels. At the neck, waist or bust line. If they have correct placement they can look well on the plus size garment.

Lastly, the return of the goddess, yes, you to Mrs plus size you can look like a Greek or Roman goddess, just choose wisely. Make sure the fabrics have the right drape and are not flimsy and look cheap and reveal more than you want to show.

Choosing A Fashion Designer Career

If you are interested in color combinations, putting together attractive outfits and have an eye for fabrics, a fashion designer career may just be the thing for you. It is a world of excitement when you are creating something that has never been seen before. The exhilaration of a runway presentation, of your very own designs, is a way to show talent, imagination and a flair for the unusual.

To become a designer it will be necessary for you to attend a Fashion Design School. Employers in this field are usually looking for someone with a 2-year or a 4-year degree in clothing design. To be successful in this field it is necessary for you to know fabrics, textiles, ornamentation and current clothing trends.

The institutions with these programs must be accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and many have certain entry requirements. In most schools, to obtain formal entry into the program, basic art and design courses must be completed. Sketches, showing your artistic ability must also be submitted.

The classes in the schools include a study of past fashions and a hands-on experience in things such as creating patterns and designing an outfit. Color, textiles, computer design and various types of clothing design are included. All of these will be very useful if you decide to run your own business or a retail store.

Many schools have at least one runway presentation where you can show your own creation for everyone to see. This is where sewing and pattern making skills come to the fore, even though, as a designer you would probably not be involved in this part of a project. Employers, seeking to add to their staff, often attend these presentations.

The various jobs that are available, with this degree, include entry level positions as Assistant Buyer, Pattern Maker, Assistant Designer, Clothing Stylist, Wardrobe Assistant, Visual Merchandise Manager, Sales Representative, or Marketing Assistant. Once you are working, at one of these entry level positions, there are many opportunities to reveal your talent in clothing design.

Completion of the classes, and a degree, will prepare you to officially enter a fashion designer career. At the beginning you will continue learning the tricks of the trade while acquiring experience and enjoying the excitement of new fabrics and designs. If your interest is in this field it will be the fulfillment of a dream come true. Salaries in this industry vary from state to state and depend on one’s position. A beginning salary would be approximately $40,000 per year with a top designer over $100,000.